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Greetings from Manfred!
Monday, December 11, 2017

Manfred History and Preservation
Mission Statement

Manfred History and Preservation, Inc. (MHP, Inc.) is a non-profit volunteer organization that celebrates the legacy of rural America. Its mission is to compile and share the history of Manfred, North Dakota and its traditional trade area and to encourage community pride and restoration of its historic structures.

Manfred Heritage Museum
Mission Statement

Manfred Heritage Museum is an educational entity of Manfred History and Preservation, Inc. and of the Manfred community. Its purpose is to provide present and future generations the opportunity to learn about the important contributions rural places such as Manfred have given to North Dakota and to America.

Museum Director
Wanda Melchert

Board of Directors
Pete Anderson
Rose Anderson
Judy Weigelt
Verna Bowers
Richard Melchert
Pam Norstedt
Audrey Solheim
Ruth Widiger
Lewis Weigelt

Audrey Solheim, President
Pam Norstedt, Vice-President
Judy Weigelt, Secretary
Richard Melchert, Treasurer

Jarrod Schroeder

     In the early 1890s, the Manfred area was settled primarily by immigrants from Europe who were seeking a better way of life. Through determination, those early pioneers built their homesteads and found life in the Manfred area to be good.

     In 2000, with that same determination, some of the descendants of the original settlers became modern-day pioneers by founding the organization Manfred History and Preservation, Inc. in order to help recapture the spirit of those early pioneers. By preserving their history and restoring some of the existing buildings, the story of Manfred can be safeguarded for future generations.

     The intent of MHP, Inc. is to serve as an ongoing example of this pioneer spirit, not only in the Manfred area but also throughout rural America, thereby providing a focus of appreciation for the foundation of this great country.

     At this website, you are invited to view the photos of Manfred and its people, read about its history, and learn of current history and preservation projects. Be sure to check out the Events and Newsletters pages. They will keep you informed of current and past activities, successes and of opportunities available to the public.

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